Jetpack 3.3 stuck at "finished flashing os, determining the ip address of target"

I tried installing Jetpack 3.3. After the flashing, the installation gets stuck at “determining the ip address of target”.

The Jetson and the host system are both connected to the same LAN.

I suspect that the Jetson’s ethernet port is not working. The lights on the port are off and I am not able to ping any system on the LAN.

Do I need to do something to enable the port?

Can you log in locally to the Jetson and run “ifconfig”? If you can’t log in to the GUI for some reason, then try CTRL-ALT-F2 to get to a console. You should be able to log in to either the “ubuntu” or “nvidia” account (same name/pass…don’t forget to change that if it touches a public network).

I found the problem. The issue was that I was trying to connect thru my LAN. I had connected both the host and Jetson to the LAN. When I used a standalone router and connected the Host and Jetson to it, it worked fine.