JetPack 3.3 Wi-Fi MAC problem


I am running into the same issue as other users where the wifi mac address is not properly read from the eeprom.

I am using the Jetson TX1 mounted on an Auvidea J140 carrier board.

Since the device we are building will use the wlan as a hotspot and more than one device can be present in the same space it is imperative that we resolve the issue where the MAC address is not read and we end up with multiple modules having the same MAC.

I have read all other topcis on the forum and follwed all the steps that are described but with no luck.

Right now I have two identical setups. In one the eeprom is read as expected and in the other it is not.

I probed both EEPROM ICs with the “i2cdump -y 2 0x50” command and both return data as expected.

I have run the in both systems and it reports no error.

I can see via dmesg on the system that has the hardocded MAC that I get the message “bad mac address at /chose/nvidia,wifi-mac: null”

What steps should I follow next to resolve the issue ?

Thank you for your assistance.

I guess the crc checksum of your eeprom is wrong. That is why bootloader rejects it.

Do you even use i2c tools to change any value inside it?

Hi pavlos.stavrou,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Is this still an issue to support?



I cannot find the source that causes the eeprom to have a bad crc. It seems to happen after a newly flashed board operates for a couple of days, but it’s mostly random.

In our software we do not handle the eeprom at all nor do we have something else connected to that I2C port.

As a fallback solution I create the wifi_mac.txt file under /mnt/factory/wifi/ after flashing the board.

I doubt Auvidea J140 carrier board has something to do with it.

Another thread is also talking about eeprom value missing.