JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview Early Access for Jetson AGX Xavier

NVIDIA is pleased to announce that JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview Early Access is now available for Jetson Xavier. This is an Early Access release of JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview, supporting the new Jetson Xavier Developer Kit. Pre-ordered shipments of the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit are commencing shortly. Please see the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit User Guide for an overview of developer kit features, along with setup and software install instructions.

JetPack 4.0 Developer Preview EA components:

  • L4T R31.0.1
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS aarch64
  • CUDA 10.0
  • cuDNN 7.3
  • TensorRT 5.0 RC
  • VisionWorks 1.6
  • OpenCV 3.3.1

Release Highlights:

  • Initial Linux BSP support for Jetson Xavier with L4T R31.0.1
  • Support for Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 on the host
  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04 on the target (Unity desktop is kept as default for this release)
  • TensorRT 5.0 support for GPU INT8, and CUDA HMMA/IMMA Tensor Core operations
  • TensorRT 5.0 initial EA support for DLA FP16

Download JetPack…
Release Notes…
L4T Release Notes…
L4T R31.0.1 Page…

I’m probably checking too soon, but so far all of those URLs time out.

Checked it out on our end, and we are able to download across several machines and locations. Maybe wait a few minutes and/or clear your cache if you haven’t already?

→ 404 not found

Which implies the server was found but the server didn’t know of a page for that URL.

So I started looking at some of the old URLs, and it seems they too are not 404. Maybe it is a question of where I am requesting from (a different outside network)? I don’t have a proxy, and even this is showing 404:

Oddly enough, is working. So is google, and many other outside web sites without issue. I’ve double checked that the pages I am seeing are not cached…I even updated something on a friend’s web site in another state and saw the change shows up correctly (it just demonstrates normal web browsing is working as expected). It’s only NVIDIA’s sites which are doing this. Cache could conceivably give me the wrong content, but it wouldn’t cause the server itself to say the page can’t be found (and if cache were the issue, then I’d get an old web page instead of a missing page).

For this testing I am logged in to devtalk, but not to the documentation and other stuff where the second login is needed. I can’t get to that, so I can’t attempt to log in. Maybe DNS is being updated and it’ll clear up in a few hours. and are down right now, not to do with JetPack - sorry about that. Will check back later to see when the outage is restored. EDIT: is back up.

Can it support JetsonTX2 right now? Or the official JetPack 4.0 version will support JetsonTX2? I do hope to fresh TX2 with my Ubuntu 18.04 host…

Hi AlexFlanker, JetPack 4.0 is only for Jetson Xavier. An update for Jetson TX2 will be provided in a future release of JetPack.

Finally succeeded in flashing JetPack 3.3 with 18.04 host, it is totally doable though no official support for 18.04.

Will future update for Jetpack 4.0 also support Jetson TX1? Interested in Ubuntu 18.04

Hi marstonstudio, as posted in the JetPack 3.3 announcements, JetPack 3.3 was the final feature release for Jetson TX1. Future releases for TX1 will be maintenance updates.

Thank you for the update