JetPack 4.1.1 install problem

We tried to install Jetpack 4.1.1 and it looks like while flashing has succeed, no packages were installed over ssh after that. Just curious if there’s an easy way to re-run package installation process over ssh (is there a separate script for that?) instead of trying the whole Jetpack installation process? I understand that these packages can be installed manually, just want to make sure we won’t miss anything…


Hi albertr,

To install target components only, please use following steps

  1. Re-run JetPack,
  2. Click Next button for a few times in Wizard then you can see Components Manager window
  3. In Components Manager window, click “Clear Actions” button at the top right corner to select no components to install.
  4. In Components Manager window, click in “Action” column to select which components you want to install. (Please see attached screenshot)
  5. Click next button to continue installation.

It worked the treat, thanks Edward!