Jetpack 4.11 setup failes

Im trying to setup jetpack4.11 on Jetson xavier, but it fails so far.
When I give command “./”
The command manager shows blank list.
Log shows “03-12 15:29:09.5 E: fopen failed with file local.db, errno = 2”.

I think there is some programs with network setting, but i am not sure since I can connect to internet with blowser or wget comand.

Could someone give me ideas to solve problems?

Hi sumie.okubo,

Please following the JetPack install guide to try again. Thanks!

Please make sure your Linux host computer is Ubuntu Linux x64 Version 18.04 or 16.04.

I have already followed install instruction and it failed when executing run file before boosting Xavier.
I also checked Linux computer host is Ubuntu Linux x64 and version is 16.04.

Hi sumie.okubo,

I think it should be your network issue.
Please check your Ethernet and proxy setting.
If still can’t install JetPack, please attached logs.

some reference found that looks having similar sympthoms: