JetPack 4.2 - can't configurate TX2

Hi everyone.

I face a same issue like this topic

I use JetPack 4.2 flash my tx2 with the graphic tool.
The flash is fine until boot my tx2, I can’t use mouse or keyboard to configurate the tx2.

I tried un-plug everything but only mouse, it still not work.
And tried flash manually by JetPack_4.2_Linux_P3310 folder, it failed too.

There is nothing wrong with error code when flashing TX2.
Just can’t use usb mouse when reboot TX2.


Hi Jason_Wang,

Can you try other USB port? each usb port are not working?
Please try another USB mouse to confirm. Thanks!

I tried all USB port.

Tried wireless mouse and wired mouse both not work.

Cause I use customer carrier board, Finally I can work with the use mouse.