Jetpack 4.2 Installation

Hi, I’m a bit new to Linux. So, I wonder if I can use Linux Mint 19 as a host for this installation.
I believe its built on Ubuntu 18.4 and hence, think it should work ?
However, what I have found so far is that Linux and stuff like OpenCV can be a tad pedantic, so if you have any insights I would appreciate them before I find out the hard way.
Thanks in advance

Hi victort7yfu,

We never tried Linux Mint 19, thus don’t know if can work well.
The provided release was validated by our QA, thus is more stable, I will suggestion to use the package we released directly.

OK Thanks for that…I have been wanting to decide on a Linux Distro. Maybe Mint isn’t the best.
I had a really hairy time trying to work with GTK…so, I think I’m going to eliminate as many variables as possible while trying to understand the Development Kit and convert my Laptop to Ubuntu…
I have a soft spot for Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth anyway !