Jetpack 4.2 with Auvidea J90 TX2 carrier board

Hi guys,

Is there anyone else who is waiting for a working solution of the newest Jetpack 4.2 along with the Auvidea J90 carrier board?

It seems the latest firmware ver. 2.0 from this month (May 2019) supports only J120 and J121. But the result after applying the result on J90 causes are not working WiFi, USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports.

Really hope Auvidea to surprise us asap and all these interfaces to be fully accessible on all their Jetson TX2 carrier boards.



Hi Etan,

the latest firmware does not support the J90. We are facing difficulties getting Jetpack 4.2 to work on the J90 due to the program we use for testing J90 boards not working at all with it. We are still looking into how to overcome this problem.

Thank you for your patience!

Best regards,

Hi Auvidea Support Team,

Hope you have timeline for overcoming it because we need that solution as soon as possible.


Hi Auvidea Support Team,

Do you have any progress with resolving the big issue about the compatibility of your Auvidea J90 carrier board with Jetpack 4.2? Waiting and checking for robust solution every single day but still nothing from your side.

What is your deadline for providing such support?

We all looking forward to hearing good news from your side as soon as possible.

Best Regards,


Hi AuvideaSupport

Any update with the J90 TX2 JetPack 4.2 support?
It’s very frustrating that we can’t update to the latest JetPack!

Hi RobotDude,

Still waiting for working solution of J90 and TX2 JetPack 4.2 from Auvidea but unfortunately nothing.



Has anyone tried v2.2 for J90? Does it work?