Jetpack 4.4.1 flashing slow on windows VM

I have a Linux laptop running ubuntu 21.04
Using it I’ve created a VirtualBox ubuntu 18.04 vm with nvidia jetpack 4.4.1 flashing env.
I’ve used the vm on virtual box on my ubuntu laptop many times, flashing many devices without any issue.

Recently, we’ve tried running the VM on windows laptop (using virtualbox of course).
The vm running smoothly BUT the flashing is extremely slow, progressing very slowly through the stages and finally fails with:
Error: None of the bootloaders are running on the device.

please advise what could cause the problem and very slow flashing from running the ubuntu 18.04 vm on windows laptop.
the laptop is Dell with Win11.


The VM is not suggested, the USB conenciton might be unstable. Please have a native Ubuntu host PC to do the reflash.

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