Jetpack 4.4 - SDK manager, I can't recognize the error

I’m using another computer than the one in my previous post.

This one has enough disk space, but almost everything is failing to install, both on host and target. From the terminal I only get the SUMMARY messages such as:
13:17:23 SUMMARY: NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta): Depends on failed component

Apart from that, I cannot recognize which is the first failing component.
I’ve also exported the log and I’ve been looking at it but i cannot make out what the error is. I’m attaching the log in case anyone is so kind to take a look at it.
sdkm-2020-08-08-11-36-41.log (502.5 KB)

Thanks in advance and let me know if you need any extra information.

I could be mistaken, but it looks like you’re installing for DRIVE, which is different than Jetson. You’d need to be a member of a different (commercial) login which is used mainly by automobile developers using higher end hardware. Excerpt of log:

11:38:04.611 - info: sdkml2_drive_linux.json from has been downloaded to /home/francio/.nvsdkm/dist successfully.
11:38:04.679 - info: validating product line for target OS: Linux
11:38:04.679 - info: 
11:38:04.679 - info: 	validating release: DRIVE Software 10.0
11:38:04.680 - warn: 		No access to devzone program id 879192
11:38:04.680 - warn: 	No access to release DRIVE Software 10.0. 

Some of the drop-down selection boxes in the SDKM GUI don’t make it obvious that you are able to change their values, but make sure you are logged in to the correct program and set up for the TX2.

I see below error. Could you paste what did you choose in Sdkmanager GUI and have you tried to flash the board?

Please note that flashing the board and installing sdk could be installed separately.

1:39:03.078 - info: All required files were downloaded
11:40:59.358 - error: preset command timeout
11:40:59.363 - error: interval check failed
11:40:59.364 - error: could not find error report for component: NV_L4T_DRIVERS_T186_COMP@JETSON_TX2 on action: 1
11:40:59.364 - info: Event: NV_L4T_DRIVERS_T186_COMP@JETSON_TX2 - install ended - failure
11:40:59.365 - error: Session first failure occurred while Installing. Root cause component: NV_L4T_DRIVERS_T186_COMP@JETSON_TX2. Root cause error code: (1: Unknown)
11:40:59.368 - info: Event: NV_L4T_DOCKER_TARGET_POST_INSTALL_COMP@JETSON_TX2 - error is: NVIDIA Container Runtime with Docker integration (Beta) Skipped. Due to its dependencies fail to install: Drivers for Jetson

It may be caused by some bashrc setting. SDK Manager launches with a terminal. The terminal reads ~/.bashrc file and applies settings in it. If some setting in ~/.bashrc launches other process, such as tmux, that changes the default terminal behavior, such error may occur.
The solution is to temporarily disable such settings, then retry.