Jetpack 4.4DP for Xavier NX emulation on Xavier AGX dev kit

Hi, I have a Jetson Xavier AGX dev kit running emulation for Xavier NX. I need to run my model inference with TensorRT 7, which means that I need to reflash the dev kit with Jetpack 4.4DP. However, how do I do it properly? Do I follow the previous steps for using the emulation package or can I just select Xavier NX dev kit from SDK manager?


For the flash, please use in Linux_for_Tegra and choose jetson-xavier-as-xavier-nx and target board name.

Hi @WayneWWW, thanks for the advice.

I tried that and it was able to flash and boot correctly, but it seems like the usb port used to connect with the host is not working after that, I failed to detect the Xavier by using lsusb.

Maybe there are problems with the driver installation?


lsusb would only show when device is in recovery mode. After you flash the board and it starts to boot, it is no longer in recovery mode so “nvidia corp” would disappear from your host.

Hi @WayneWWW

Yes but nonetheless it still does not get detected when I try to install the rest of the components (CUDA, TRT, OpevCV…). Usually when you plug in the Jetson, the host will detect it as a network adapter, but in this case it does not anymore…

Maybe the emulation case does not support that. Maybe you could use wired ethernet cable to install the sdk component.