Jetpack 4.5.1, tx2, nvpmodel -m 0 silent kernel freeze/reboot


When I run

sudo nvpmodel -m 0

on my TX2 devkit running jetpack-4.5.1, my kernel silently freezes (no answer anymore on the serial line, no answer to ‘ping’) and finally (after about 2 minutes) reboots.

No message appears on the serial console.

Any hint at the cause or to a way to debug that ?

That sounds similar to the problem I see with mit Xavier AGX DevKit:

This was caused by the DT not being loaded correctly. See I did however not succeed to find why that made the kernel silently freeze, although there is surely a kernel bug lying there.

@dkreutz , your case only happens to Xavier AGX. I didn’t hear anyone report the bluetooth hostwake issue on other platforms in these years.