JetPack 4.5 power throttling issues

I am playing around with JetPack 4.5 on Xavier NX and I often get a “System throttled due to over current” notification on the desktop UI.

The system is set to Mode 2: 15W, 6 core. Looking at jtop, the power consumption is about 10.9 W, so this is unexpected. Any ideas on how to reduce this warning?

hello jaiyamsharma,

you may check developer guide,
you should check Thermal Specifications for a table that describes the supported power states and the thermal trip points;
please also refer to Thermal Management session for more details.

hello jaiyamsharma,

We face the same problem, there is already a topic for this:

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okay, set this as duplicate. let’s tracking at Topic 167029.

Thanks @sevm89 and @JerryChang Hopefully this will be resolved soon.