JetPack 4.5 Production Release with L4T 32.5

Thank you very much @WayneWWW , Looking forward to your progress !

Seeing lots of different info about using DTB/overlays…

You can’t use jetson-io and/or extlinux FDT to load a DTB or “bad things will probably happen”. Is that currently correct? I do know (from lots of hair pulling this weekend) that if you do specify an FDT in extlinux.conf, uboot will echo a kernel command line with the extlinux.conf APPEND parameters but it will actually load the ones from the QSPI and ignore the ones from APPEND.

Hello there,
can we get the changelog for 32.5.1 and 4.5.1?


@XeroX , it is being updated as i write here. Will be available in next couple of hours.

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Thank you!

Kudos to all moderators. Always there to answer questions as quick as they can.

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L4T 32.5.1

All other features remain the same as L4T 32.5.

Release Notes :: NVIDIA JetPack Documentation