JETPACK 4.6.2 with Custom AGX XAVIER, USBC Display Not working


We have a custom board based on the JETSON AGX XAVIER development kit. We have 3 display interfaces. One HDMI and other two are DP ports.
We installed 4.6.2 (and 4.6.1) and we see that we can get the HDMI to work (with modified kernel dtb files) but the two display ports are not working at all. The first DISPLAY port has the same configuration as the Development Kit so no change was needed in the DTB files. The HDMI and the second DP port was changed in pinmux and was modified.
We had previously installed 5.0.1 Developer version and as soon as we installed it , we would see output on the first display port since that is the same as the development kit. Subsequently we modified the pinmux and the dtb files and were able to see output on three display (hdmi, first dp and second dp). This proved that the hardware is fine. The reason we had to downgrade to 4.6.2 was because 5.0.1 would crash if we power cycled it.

We have checked the DTB files and the pinmux and it seems to look good to us. Any help in resolving this issue with getting 4.6.2 working on our custom AGX Xavier board is appreicated.


jp5.0.2 has been released. How about you checked whether that resolve your issue or not?

Upgrading to 5.0.2 worked very well. We have a custom pinmux and the dtb and all three displays works well. No crash on powercycle as we observed with 5.0.1 either.

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