Jetpack 4.6 Flashing Tool Fails when NO_ROOTFS is set

[ 168.7588 ] File to be written cannot be of zero size, pFileName=system.img
[ 168.7653 ]
Error: Return value 10
Command tegradevflash_v2 --pt flash.xml.bin --create
Failed flashing t186ref.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/nix/store/zhqvdg0dl144hsbpmc5jpx1q4qcxphnk-jetson-flash/bin/.jetson-flash-wrapped", line 140, in <module>
  File "/nix/store/zhqvdg0dl144hsbpmc5jpx1q4qcxphnk-jetson-flash/bin/.jetson-flash-wrapped", line 135, in main
  File "/nix/store/zhqvdg0dl144hsbpmc5jpx1q4qcxphnk-jetson-flash/bin/.jetson-flash-wrapped", line 130, in extract_and_flash
  File "/nix/store/zhqvdg0dl144hsbpmc5jpx1q4qcxphnk-jetson-flash/bin/.jetson-flash-wrapped", line 124, in flash, check=True, env=os.environ.copy())
  File "/nix/store/abiagjx0ckg2adfd0m8ksnlx4ijf9cmy-python3-3.6.13/lib/python3.6/", line 438, in run
    output=stdout, stderr=stderr)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['./', 'cti/xavier-nx/quark/base', 'mmcblk1p1']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

The Jetpack 4.6 Flashing script will fail with the following when NO_ROOTFS is set to 1.

Could you share the full command you are using?

./ cti/xavier-nx/quark/base mmcblk1p1

and I set the following environment variables


Will you hit this error is you only set NO_ROOTFS=1?


That is weird, we didn’t hit such issue when we enable NO_ROOTFS.

What is the python version you are using on host?

Seems like people were running into this same issue with other Jetpacks: Unable to flash bootloader without flashing the system.img?

We are using Python 3.6

please move to python2.7 first since 3.6 is not yet supported.

This issue is python version independent. The tegrarcm utility isn’t reading that Environment variable correctly

Yes, but we cannot reproduce your issue on our side.

So you better use our suggested environment first and see if you would still see issue.

Also, do you have nano devkit environment? We don’t have cti board so it is not possible for us to use same command as your side.

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