Jetpack 4.6 Jetson-io

I have Jetson Nano P3541 A02 and RPI HQ camera. I installed Jetpack 4.6. I want to activate imx477 by opening the file, but I’m new and I don’t know the next steps exactly. Now when I open, it quickly appears on the screen and disappears. I think I need to make some adjustments on extlinux.conf. Can you help with this?

hello kullanici746,

is it a production module (i.e. with internal eMMC)?
Jetson-IO does not support with Nano eMMC modules.

I don’t know exactly about eMMC. I think it’s about storage. I don’t think it’s eMMc. It has an SD card slot. I have Jetson Nano 2gb developer kit A02. I installed Jetpack 4.6 image on the SD card and installed it. When I use the command given for, the Expansion header appears and disappears. I did not fully understand why.I think there is something I missed.Thank you for your interest.

hello kullanici746,

had you try execute with root permission?
i.e. $ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/

if this still doesn’t works, please try re-flash the board with NVIDIA SDK Manager | NVIDIA Developer.

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