JetPack 5.0.2 AGX ORIN Poweroff Fail

sudo poweroff
jp502-agx-orin-poweroff-fail-vs17425.uart-log.txt (470.6 KB)

hello poke08121,

is it a native JP-5.0.2 release version?
could you please have a try to remove all peripheral devices to reproduce the same failure.

This fail occurs when the HDMI monitor is connected.

hello poke08121,

you should using a converter since there’s only DP port on Orin developer kits.
BTW, do you have another display monitor for testing?

It’s test on our carrier board which has a HDMI port.

I added HPD patches.
ref : Custom board HDMI hotplug detect(HPD) did't work


Next jetpack release will be out soon. Please test it when new release comes out.

Will this be fixed in the next jetpack release?
It looks like HPD keeps getting triggered while the system is shutting down, causing a kernel panic
and after a few minutes the system reboots.
May I ask which driver is using os_gpio_hotplug_a?

We have published the JetPack 5.1 GA release, please get it a try.

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