Jetpack 5.0.2 boot option how to save

Today, I updated jetpack5.0.2. When setting the boot option, I found that the configuration could not be saved.

I want to delete the default HTTP and PXE boot items. After deleting the HTTP and PXE options in the [delete boot option], press F10 to save and select the [commit changes] option. However, after restarting the system, it is found that the HTTP and PXE boot items still exist.

My operation steps:

1. When starting the system, press ESC to enter [boot option]

2. Select [boot maintenance manager]

3. Select [Boot Options]

4. Select [Delete Boot Option]

5. Check the items I don’t need

6. Select [Commit Changes and Exit]

7. Select again [Delete Boot Option]

Now I can’t see the deleted items, and then I press ESC to exit. After restarting, these deleted items are restored again

How can I save my configuration!

Our team will do the investigation and provide suggestions soon. Thanks

Any update? I also have similar boot issue due to trying to boot all other options rather than NVME takes super long time to boot


For this issue, currently, please reorder the boot options and bring the undesired boot options down in the order.

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