Jetpack 5.0.2 RT kernel cannot open desktop

Hi, I have applied the real-time patch and built the kernel following the official guide. But there is no more detail about how to flash the new image to the board. After building the kernel (finish steps mentioned in the guide), I replaced the image from kernel_out to the original image, and re-flashed the board, However, the board cannot open the desktop (can open the command line mode and uname -r gives 5.10.104-rt63-tegra)

Could you please help me figure out what’s happening. Is there some steps I missed?

What is your result of “lsmod”?

Thank you for your reply.
It gives Module Size Used by
I thought the module is missing here but I am not sure how to build modules for the real-time kernel

could you please tell me how to build modules for the real-time kernel? thanks

Hi y.gnauh,

Please reference below topic steps to build display kernel.

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