Jetpack 5.0.2 upgrading from jetpack 4.6.1 issue

I am trying to upgrade my jetpack on jetson AGX Xavier from v4.6.1 to V5.0.2 using my host PC.

Procedure followed:
Step 1: Connecting USB C connection between host pc and jetson agx xavier.
Step 2: Run sdkmanager from terminal from host pc.
Step 3: Once sdkmanager open, I selected version v5.0.2. I also selected deepstream v6.1.

Step 4: I selected manual setup and while proceeding following window appear. So I jumped on Target device (Jetson AGX Xavier) and waited for OS login screen.

Step 5: Target device jetson agx xavier never reached to OS Login Page and stayed on below shown screen for more than 18 hours.

Kindly suggest what should I do to fix it?

Other alternative solutions tried: As it was not working, so restarted entire procedure and uninstalled from jetpack install/repair screen and tried again. But every time, it- stuck at above shown screen.

Hi vnawani,

Please try to press reset button when it stuck at this step.

This worked well. Thanks for the help

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