JetPack 5.0 on Production Xavier NX

I’m wondering what plans are in place in order to fit JetPack 5.0 onto a production Xavier NX, where the eMMC is 16GB large. The current DP image is 18ish GB, so I’m wondering what is going to be excluded in order to make things fit.

The current JetPack 5.0 is just developer preview version, for production release, please refer to Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer

I’m aware the version I am working with is just a developer preview.

I am wondering what changes will be made or are planned to be made in order to fit the JetPack SDK onto a 16GB eMMC. What will be missing/excluded versus the developer preview that I am currently working with?

That’s hard to say, you will need to figure what is not required to install on your devcie to exclude them from installation.

Let’s say hypothetically, I need to use all the provided libraries in the JetPack SDK, because I have an AI application that uses a camera input (you know, like the applications that are touted as the kinds that the Xavier NX is designed for). Does that mean that I won’t be able to use a Xavier NX for my application since the OS image is now larger than the eMMC?

I did notice that the OS image includes Libre Office (you know, because I need to edit spreadsheets and do PowerPoint presentations on my embedded system) and Thunderbird (e-mails on my embedded system are important), but removing both of those only frees up half a GB.

I’ll ask my question another way: what are the plans to support the full JetPack SDK on the Xavier NX, given that the eMMC on the device is only 16GB?


Please try to use nvme drive and sdkm shall support to flash nvme drive.

This may cover the disk space problem.

Maybe the tricks from older jp release still helps.

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