Jetpack 5.1.0, V4L2- CSI camera- device or resource busy when I restart the camera while rosbag record -a is on


I am using Orin NX with jp 5.1.0, interfaced with CSI camera. I am using ROS for my application, and interfaced the camera with V4L2 (making use of the hardware trigger and such) and then reading the frames in OpenCV and publishing as /image_raw topic. Once the roslaunch for this opens and starts the topic, I start the rosbag record of all topics parallel. When I then stop the roslaunch and restart the roslaunch for the camera (while the rosbag is still running) I get the errors and roslaunch fails.
Failed to set format: Device or resource busy
New Pixel Format: GREY
New Width: 2048
New Height: 1544
Failed to get stream parameters: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Frame rate control not supported
Failed to set stream parameters: Bad file descriptor
Failed to get stream parameters: Bad file descriptor
Frame rate control not supported
VIDIOC_REQBUFS: Bad file descriptor

I have to stop the rosbag record in this case, run the roslaunch then it is successful. Therefore, everytime I need to change some settings for the camera, I had to stop the rosbag record, launch camera and then start record again. The rosbag record subscribes to the /image_raw topic, I am not sure whether this would make the camera device level busy? Would you please share as why this happens, if someone has come across this.

Thank you

hello sivaranjani.jayaprakash1,

this means the camera node is occupied, you cannot use different app to access to the same node.

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