JetPack 5 and hwkey-app

Previously we were able to use hwkey-app to encrypt and decrypt a logical portion on the disk for Jetson Xavier. I am unable to find this utility for jetpack 5 ( public_sources.tbz2). Is this utility no longer supported? In that case how can we do disk encryption for a particular partition?

hello KavehA,

did you meant hwkey-agent?
it’s now under OP-TEE sources package, i.e. nvidia-jetson-optee-source.tbz2.
the path as following. $public_sources/atf_and_optee/optee/samples/hwkey-agent/

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for getting back to us. I meant hwkey-app:
type hwkey-app
hwkey-app is hashed (/usr/bin/hwkey-app)


Usage: hwkey-app [OPTION…] -e [-d] -i -o -t|u
Try hwkey-app --help' or hwkey-app --usage’ for more information.

here is another thread on it, is this utility no longer supported?

please refer to OP-TEE sources package, it’s now called nvhwkey-app.

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Thank you!

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