Jetpack 6.0 boot stuck on "A start job is running for Wait until snapd is fully seeded"

I am trying to flash my AGX Orin devkit with a compiled kernel and modules (unmodified source). I followed the steps in the developer guide:

  1. Download and extract BSP, toolchain, and rootfs
  2. Sync sources from the git server with
  3. Compile kernel, modules, and dtbs according to instructions in “Kernel Customization”
  4. Flash device with these commands:
cd Linux_for_Tegra
sudo ./
sudo ./ jetson-agx-orin-devkit mmcblk0p1

Everything up to this point works without issue. When the device is finished flashing I reboot it and it eventually gets stuck. On screen I see

[***  ] A start job is running for Wait until snapd is fully seeded (10min 7s / no limit)

And in serial comm it is prompting me to login in as “localhost”

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS localhost.localdomain ttyTCU0
localhost login: 

which is impossible because there is no default login. The oem config screen never comes up to let me create a user.

Here is the full boot log:
bootlog.txt (25.1 KB)

I cannot use SDK Manager because I plan on customizing this image in the future but for now I need a working base image to start with.

Can you please try this before flashing?

Also, please run sudo ./ before building kernel.
Or your new customized kernel image will be replaced with the stock one in our BSP.

Thank you, after I ran before the compile process the oem configuration now comes up successfully on boot.

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