Jetpack 6.0 - issue with xbox gamepad

Thank you for your support. I fixed the problem with new kernel module but could you explain me how CONFIG_LOGITECH_FF could fix it if CONFIG_INPUT_JOYDEV was not set in defconfig file? I will provide the solution for other people but I did it first time, so @DaneLLL please provide a comment if needed:

  1. Follow the Kernel Customization guide.
  2. Between step 3 and 4 add these lines in kernel/kernel-jammy-src/arch/arm64/configs/defconfig file:
CONFIG_LOGITECH_FF=m   # I added it but I'm not sure if it affects joydev.ko file
  1. When built, copy kernel_out/kernel/kernel-jammy-src/drivers/input/joydev.ko to Jetson directory /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/input.
  2. Trigger module via sudo modprobe joydev.
  3. Connect gamepad and check if /dev/input/js0 is created.

If I use builtin (y) instead of modules (m), should I flash Jetson board again and it will erase all the data since I am using NVME flashing, right?

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