JetPack 6.0 with kernel 6.7.8 - no display output after UEFI

Dear NVidia Team

We are testing JetPack 6.0 with the official kernel 6.7.8 and the AGX Orin Module.
Now when we boot the system, we first see the UEFI Menu on our Monitor, but after the screen goes black. Login over ssh is possible.

Here you can find the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log and the dmesg output:
Xorg.0.log (7.3 KB)
dmesg.log (63.5 KB)

Connected is a DP Monitor and we are using a custom board which works with JetPacks 5.1.x.

Thank you for your help.
Kind regards

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Dear NVidia Team

We checked with the kernel 5.15 and it works, so it has to do with the new kernel version.
Thank you.

Hi Nvidia Team

Any update on this issue? If you need further information from us, let me know.
Thank you.

Dear NVidia

Could you please help us with this topic?
We tested also with the linux kernel 6.8.1 and see also that after the UEFI, the Display Port is not working anymore. The system boots up and we can connect to it over ssh.
Thank you.

It seems like the following messages are causing the issue:

host1x drm: iommu configuration for device failed with -ENOENT
drm drm: [drm] No compatible format found
drm drm: [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes

We would really appreciate if NVidia could confirm the issue and let us know if there is a solution for this.


Can you try disabling the display hand-off from UEFI to the kernel in the UEFI menu?

To do this enter the UEFI menu and set “SOC Display Hand-Off Mode” to “Never” …

Device Manager -->
     NVIDIA Configuration -->
         Boot Configuration -->
            SOC Display Hand-Off Mode --> 'Never'

Hi Jonathanh

We changed the setting but still face the same behavior.
Thank you.

I had the problem that display is not working on 6.6. I think that drivers need updated because I had missmatch:

Hi jonathanh

Do you have any update on this topic for us? The uefi setting did not solve it.
Thank you.

I’m waiting for jetpack 6 GA and try again. In theory is out today 17th April
Also I don’t why jetson agx orin is still on 540, and not with 550.67 as kernel open module

Hi Nvidia Team

Can anyone confirm this issue and also confirm that JP6.0 GA will solve it?
Otherwise we still need support for this case.
Thank you.

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On my side, I have compiled kernel 6.8.8 with l4t-l4t-r36.3_eng_2024-04-24 without errors, and it compiles hah but it doesn’t boot, neither with the new kernel nor with the new drivers in the old one, so I have to wait for release.

make defconfig
scripts/config --file .config --enable ARM64_PMEM
scripts/config --file .config --enable PCIE_TEGRA194
scripts/config --file .config --enable PCIE_TEGRA194_HOST
scripts/config --file .config --enable BLK_DEV_NVME
scripts/config --file .config --enable NVME_CORE
scripts/config --file .config --enable FB_SIMPLE

So waiting for the release

We were able to get the display working with kernel 6.6.29 and the JetPack 6.0 release.
You can close this ticket.

Also with 6.8.9 it is working

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