Jetpack 6 loading dtbo overlays

Jeson Orin NX
Jetpack 6 (36.3.0)

I am developing an overlay for the OV5647 camera and I wanted to know if it was possible to copy the .dtbo file to the Jetson and apply the overlay. I found other overlay dtbo files at /boot/ I copied the file tegra234-p3767-camera-p3768-ov5647-single.dtbo to /boot/ and this allowed the jetson-io tool to see the overlay and I was able to apply the overlay

sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -n 2="Camera OV5647 Single"

However when I reboot it is still using the default overlay and I see no mention of “ov5647” in dmesg. The only other way I know how to get the overlay file into the image is to copy the dtbo into the prebuilt folder at kernel/dtb and rootfs/boot, but reflashing is time consuming.

hello dakejahl,

The overlays that are specified at flash time (by the OVERLAY_DTB_FILE variable in the flash config) are stored in the QSPI and because of this we wanted the default DTB and overlays to be located in the same place (ie. on the QSPI)

please check your extlinux.conf,
please note that, You can specify FDT alone. You can specify FDT + OVERLAYS. You cannot do only OVERLAYS though.

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