JetPack Deployment on TK1


I’ve downloaded and installed JetPack for TK1 in an Ubuntu 14.04 VM.

Having been through the installation steps, I’ve managed to successfully push and install JetPack onto my TK1.

What I would like to do now is push this to many TK1 boards. Is there a simple way of running the “push” script rather than going through the entire installation process again?

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You can clone. See:

Basically you set up a reference TK1 as you want it, then clone. This replaces “system.img” during command line flash and re-uses the system.img rather than generating a new one. You can clone and restore “ALL” partitions, and not just the rootfs (“APP”), but the rootfs (“APP”) is loopback mountable and can be updated/edited/examined (you could loopback mount rootfs on the host and rsync from a Jetson for minor updates).