Jetpack ExportControl Number

Is Jetpack an export controlled product? If so what’s the ECCN number?

Hi manik9000,

The JetPack is an installer for installing all required develop SDK packages/libraries on host PC and target device, I only can find the HW devkit with the ECCN number.

Just some thoughts on the topic…

The sample rootfs image is purely Ubuntu. This would imply that whatever export control laws are associated with Ubuntu would be associated with what SDK Manager flashes. This sample rootfs can be downloaded manually, but SDK Manager would do the download automatically. Typically the default Ubuntu install includes strong encryption software which is probably part of export controls.

On the other hand, if you had a release image of the same version of Ubuntu, but without strong encryption, then you’d probably be good to go. Unless you find a packaged Ubuntu 18.04 release for arm64 which is already free of export controls this would be a very difficult task to be certain things were really downgraded.

I don’t know if the drivers from NVIDIA are under export control, but those drivers do not support encryption. There could be other reasons the drivers are under export control, but it wouldn’t be due to encryption.

Some of the boot content is signed, and the signing software is in the “driver package” (which SDKM downloads to do the flash). I have no idea if the signing process is considered export control, but it is something to consider.

The actual use of ssh simply works with the version of ssh on the host PC and the Jetson, and is not actually implemented by the JetPack/SDKM software.