Jetpack Flashing not complete correctly ..

Hello, I have jetson tx2 and installed jetpack 3.2.1 package and then when I want to flash using linux server PC to jetson tx2 board, Flashing process finished but, I start jetson tx2 and look forward all files, ı do not see any jetpack package or opencv libraries. I see only pure ubuntu on tegra@nvidia system. Please help me.
Thank you.

Flashing never adds the extras. JetPack is only a frontend. First, if you’ve checked to flash, it flashes using the driver package and sample rootfs. This occurs over the micro-B USB cable. Once completed the Jetson reboots, and then the USB is no longer used, only wired ethernet. This is when JetPack works on extra packages.

It is possible to select to just flash, or to just add packages without flashing. In the case of only flashing, then only the USB cable is used and the Jetson must start in recovery mode. To add packages at some later time use only wired ethernet and do not use recovery mode…check the packages you want to add from JetPack.