JetPack for jetson nano

I followed Getting Started with Jetson Nano Developer Kit guide to set up my Jetson Nano, using microSD

I understand that the recommended way to install TensorRT, manage cuda, etc is by using JetPack.
I understand that JetPack should be already installed on my Jetson Nano, as it comes with the image. However I can’t seem to find it. How do I launch it?
I tried to install the SDK but it’s not compatible with arm…

please check the list of /usr/src and see if you have cudnn/tensorrt.

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I do have. I actually used jetson_stats to see all the information I need.
Can I use JetPack to install different cuda and tensorrt versions? or is JetPack just a collection of preconfigured software?

We suggest to use fixed version for each jetpack.

For example, when you use jetpack4.4.1, we would only guarantee that cuda version A would work. While on jetpack4.5.1, only cuda version B shall work.

If you install later version on old jetpack release, it may cause problem.

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Thank you for your response.
We need to use cuda 11 (which I managed to install) and tensorRT 7.2.x (so it can use cuda 11).
Is there any way to install tensorrt 7.2 ?


cuda11 and trt 7.2 are not yet supported on jetson.

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