JetPack Install , Network Layout - Jetson TX1 ?

I have a problem about install JetPack, I have downloaded the JetPack3.0 on the “download center”, and enter “chmod +x”," ./".

I have installed all files, but the next step - Network Layout - Jetson TX1, I don’t know which one should I select, (1)Device accesses Internet via router/switch. or (2)Device accesses Internet via host machine through setting up a new DHCP server configuration on host.

I used my laptop(ubuntu 14.04) as the host, and there is a RJ45 interface, usb2.0 , wifi , I don’t know how to link all of them together…

Can I use wifi to be a router/switch? How to link TX1 by RJ45 and connect to the internet at the same time?

Thank you!!

WiFi cannot be used for flash or installs from JetPack…it must be wired. In some cases an ethernet wire directly from Jetson to a router can be used; in other cases you might have a second network card in your PC host and connect to the PC instead of a router (in which case your PC acts as a router).

Note that ethernet is a requirement of package installs after a flash…the flash itself uses only the micro-B USB cable. Other package adjustments, not using JetPack, can then use WiFi. Most routers have one or more wired ethernet sockets…in cases where there is only a single RJ-45 you might be able to use a switch.

Thank you for your assistance,it’s really helpful !

And I have anther question about install CUDA on my TX1, if I install the JetPack on it, that means I have installed CUDA at the same times?

I have reference the link ->

It says if you install the JatPack, and you can run some CUDA sample, so I can enter nvcc to compile some CUDA program?

Thank you !!

In reality JetPack only installs to the PC host. JetPack will install CUDA on Jetson or host if you check that item…either individually or both at once (assumes your PC has the right NVIDIA hardware).

There are some samples you can install to the Jetson directly, in other cases you install them to the host and cross compile…then run on Jetson. Just take care to note which items are checked when you use JetPack, e.g., you may want to just add packages without flashing, or you may want to just flash.

I got it and it can works !!

Thank you very much !!!