Jetpack installation error

I am a new user here and I along with my friends are trying to installing the Jetpack for AGX Xavier kit. We used the method of flashing it to sd card and then using it on the agx board.
But after flashing the card into the xavier kit and plugging it ON we are not able to connect it to the monitor. Can someone help us installing jetpack please?

Xavier has its own internal eMMC memory. You should try flashing it without the SD card. You can then later on set up the SD card for whatever you want to use it as.

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I have tried installing the Jetpack by connecting it to the host computer. But there is an error installing the Vision works in the host computer.
Can you suggest how to resolve that issue

SDK Manager does not make it obvious, but you can uncheck most of those items as optional. Uncheck adding software to the host, and also uncheck install of any extra/optional packages to the Jetson itself…just flash. When the flash completes you have to complete the first boot account setup. Once this is done the Jetson will be fully booted and not in recovery mode. This is when you can run SDKM again and tell it to only install optional components to the Jetson (you can uncheck flash of the operating system). Similarly, you can run install of optional components to the host PC at any time if you uncheck flash and uncheck install of components to the Jetson. Just be sure there is a monitor attached prior to starting the flash (there are different options for headless).

Btw, if the Jetson is not in recovery mode, then you are always safe that it won’t be flashing.