JetPack is not compatible with AMD CPU

My computer chip is AMD CPU. I installed JetPack4.5 using ubuntu18.04 system in VMware virtual machine software. When the download is complete and I start flashing, there is a problem, and it has been unable to proceed successfully. The “creating OS image” step appears. If the problem is encountered, it cannot be done when flashing components such as “cuda” to the host. After trying various methods, it has not been solved. When the same virtual machine was opened on the Intel CPU computer, the task of flashing was successfully completed. So I think the SDK Manager-JetPack or Ubuntu system has compatibility issues with AMD CPUs and cannot support them well. Please help me to solve this problem, thanks.

我的电脑芯片为AMD CPU,我在VMware虚拟机软件里使用ubuntu18.04系统安装了JetPack4.5,当下载完成开始刷机后出现了问题,一直无法成功进行,在”creating OS image“步骤就出现了问题,给主机Host刷入"cuda"等组件时也无法进行,尝试多种方法后都没有解决。而当把同样的虚拟机在Intel CPU的电脑上打开,却顺利的完成了刷机任务。所以我认为时SDK Manager-JetPack或者Ubuntu系统对AMD CPU有兼容性问题,不能很好的支持。请帮助我解决这个问题,谢谢。

It is very compatible with the AMD CPU. It is a specific package or packages which failed due to a missing dependency. Looks like it is NVIDIA Nsight which is failing install. I couldn’t tell you from that screenshot what requirement needs to be installed before Nsight would work, but if you look near the bottom, there is an “EXPORT LOGS” function. You could export logs and then upload that to the forums and someone could probably provide more information on what needs to be added for Nsight to be installed.

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