JetPack is only supporting Ubuntu 14.04.... ??

Hey, I’m newbie to tk1 board.

I download newest, but it show me “The program is only supporting Ubuntu 14.04.”

My pc is Debian, I donot know why the JetPack must ubuntu-only? Any idea bypass the stupid stuff?

Thank you!

Hi chopin1998,

Please refer to the previous topics:


FYI, JetPack is a collection of packages to make life easier for someone with an Ubuntu host. The individual packages are still available. At this time, the most recent L4T for TK1 is R21.4, downloads here:

Feel free to ask about which packages you need for which purpose, but the most common need is to flash the Jetson with R21.4. This requires the “Driver Package”/“Jetson TK1”, plus the “Sample File System”.

I see… Thank you!