JetPack-L4T-3.1 installation failed

Hello, I am experiencing the same issue as user Michael Wei with Jetpack 3.1. Link is in closed ticket: JetPack-L4T-3.1 installation failed

I am using the version of Jetpack at the following link Jetson Download Center Archive | NVIDIA Developer

I was attempting to use Jetpack 3.1 with both a TK1 and after failing with a TX1 devboard. Exactly the same problem as in the post occurred, which is well-detailed so won’t rehash. The solution posted by WayneWWW was to use a specific new Jetpack3.1 binary. However, the link he provided appears to be dead (

The latest version of Jetpack 3.1 provided at the Jetson Archive Site was release 2017/07/24 and Wayne posted his linked version described as “new Jetpack 3.1” on 2022/01/17 which leads me to believe there is a newer fixed version that has not been released on the Archive site. Can the JetPack version Wayne linked be provided somewhere? It would drastically assist my workflow. Due to the dual nature its needed for TK1 and TX1/TX2 (3.1 is the latest supporting both) so there can be an EOL of client products based on those older platforms as modernizing to a newer NVIDIA Jetson platform.
Thanks for your attention (34.2 MB)
please try this one.

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thanks will do

Thank you sir, it is installing downloading the packages! Will try nvflash tomorrow and let you know.

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It works perfectly! Able to download all packages and successfully flash device with Jetpack! Thank you for quick response Wayne

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