Jetpack L4T 3.3 flashing problem

I recently got Jetson TX2 and I successfully downloaded jetpack on host device.

I flashed TX2 many times but every time Cuda, Python and many more libraries are missing on TX2. Is there any way that I can install them manually after flashing, like download it from somewhere and install it later?
Host and TX2 are well connected via Ethernet, I verified it by pinging.

Thanks for the help.

You can run JetPack/SDK Manager at any later time and uncheck everything except for the package to add to the Jetson. The Jetson would need to be fully booted (not in recovery mode) and have ethernet available. You cannot download individual packages though (there are a lot of integration dependencies for a given version of CUDA and the rest of the operating system…which also implies you shouldn’t mix packages from one JetPack release and another release).

EDIT: I may of course be wrong if you have the most recent release installed. There will be some packages now available via the apt-get mechanism.