Jetpack Network Interface

I’m trying to install JetPack on my TX1. The Network Interface choices on my host PC are “enp60s0” and “wls1”. When I do an “ifconfig” command on the host my Ethernet connection is listed as “enp60s0”, so that seems to check out. However, when I do an “ifconfig” on the Jetson the Ethernet connection is listed as “enx000444b8edf64”. Is that a problem? How do I configure it to be an “enp60s”? I tried to follow the instructions in this thread (How to set TX1 to use static IP on ethernet port - Jetson TX1 - NVIDIA Developer Forums) but couldn’t get the static IP to take effect.

udev renames network interfaces based on some rule (I don’t know what the rule is). The odd naming is “normal”, and is not a problem. My understanding is that a long time ago some system administrators wanted a naming convention which would give a hint at the physical device location when there are multiple NICs in a server…the “eth0…ethN” naming didn’t offer any hint of which card was being referred to. This is the standard Ubuntu behavior.

In general, if you want to customize your system, check “/etc/udev/”, see if somewhere in that is a rule related to the wired ethernet (WiFi has different rules). Notice that this is done through systemd (systemctl controls systemd), and so “/etc/systemd/” may have rules there which are cited by udev. These rules in turn are customizations of what is somewhere in “/usr/lib/systemd/”…the scheme is that normally "/usr/lib/systemd/"is from a package default, and the “/etc” versions are for overrides as a customization (thus some rules are symbolic links in “/etc”, others are copy-and-edit).

NetworkManager is another topic beyond interface naming and can get in the way when it sees an interface go up or down by altering something you don’t want to be touched.