JetPack Pop-up error blank window in the last step

In JetPack’s last step, an error window pops up instantly without prompting any error messages.

Using JetPack’s second method to connect the host to TX2.

Can you post a screenshot, plus describe the host PC? You can add a screenshot on an existing post with the “paper clip” icon in the upper right corner. If you hover the mouse over the quote icon, then other icons will show up…one is the paper clip icon.

My Host is Ubuntu18.04LTS,but I have try in 16.04,also this error,I also try don’t use the flash os,and I can connect the TX2,but also bug in the last step.

if you delete the jetpack and downloaded files,
and get them again from the website - that might help resolve the issue,
in case it is rooted in messed local files, in my opinion.

@Andrey1984 is probably right. This is kind of a rare error. One thing I would suggest (after deleting the host side JetPack and reinstalling it) is to add packages one at a time. Start with CUDA. Don’t add any samples until all other packages are installed. See if the first CUDA install works.

Hi 1031957961,

Can you install JetPack now?
After download again, the issue can be resolved?