jetpack release schedule/future improvements for TX1/TX2

I was wondering if NVIDIA could give any guidance as to a rough idea of future upgrades.

The context of my question has mostly to do with the video aspects of the Tegra— MIPI capture, ISP, compression, DNN processing on GPU, IP interface.

JP3.1 seemed to have many new features from 2.x jetpacks, i.e. denoising/sharpening/fewer dropped frames/newer TensorRT. Are there major upgrades functionality-wise for future JetPacks? Doing firmware upgrades is a reasonably involved process (need physical access and a desktop ubuntu machine). I’m planning on deploying systems later this year and if I need to do a reflash for an upgrade that’s a major cost to me.

Alternatively, is there any remote Jetpack upgrades planned for the future, i.e. over IP?

Also, for TX2 same question, there are DNN performance improvements on latest JP3.2. Is there further improvements in the works or is it hardware limited now?

Any guidance would be helpful here as I’d rather not be stuck in the position of having a huge feature addition right after I start shipping product.

I would love to see updates delivered in form of packages which would not require trashing/reflashing existent system, which is very disruptive for any development.


Hi stmpixels and albertr,

At the next official JetPack3.2 release, that package will contain the official version of cuDNN v7, CUDA 9.0 and TensorRT 3.0, and to support both TX2 and TX1, it will be quite similar as current DP version, but to fix some bugs and security hole, you can check the JetPack3.2 DP release notes for the details - [url][/url]

Afterward, there should not have the major changes of architecture or new features, but minor fixes for bugs.

The JetPack is the SDK for building your product in development stage, you will need to review the current contained SW feature whether can meet your product requirement to decide the lockdown version. If not, what is missing or not meet target? Same question to DNN performance you raised, does it meet the requirement?

If requires to do the SW upgrade after deploying systems, that’s not JetPacK issue, but the general Ubuntu/Linux upgrade thing, some scripts should be developed by your own.


OK Thank you for that update, that was very helpful.

Is there a best case release date window for production version of JP3.2? I understand that the date can’t be set in stone at this point, but a rough idea would be helpful.

Hi stmpixels,

You should be able to find that info from below link:
[url]Error | NVIDIA