JetPack SDK Manager is unusable on screens shorter than 900px


Not sure where to put this, as I feel like it is a bug.

In our lab we have laptops whose max resolution is 1366x768. The SDK Manager is nearly unusable as it does not scroll on shorter screens. In order to navigate, we have to use ‘tab’ to get around so we can click some of the lower items on the screen, and even then, not all functionality is available (for instance, once you navigate down, you cannot move back up! So we cannot toggle between the Details and Terminal view once we hit the retry button once). We have to connect to an external monitor just to view the ‘Options’ area at the bottom of Step 2, and we cannot use the ‘back’ functionality at the bottom right of Step 4 if there is any issue - we have to close the SDK Manager entirely and reopen it in order to get back to Step 1.

The ability to vertically scroll the right side of the screen would be immensely helpful.