Jetpack SDK

Hello!! I have installed the normal jetson nano SDK image from the getting started website of jetson nano. I now want to upgrade my nano kit to jetpack SDK. So, should I need to burn my sd card image again from the beginning and etch it with the etcher, or can we install it by using the terminal itself?

Can anyone help me figure it out and install jetpack SDK on my jetson nano.

Once again happy learning


Hi taarun19,

What JetPack version are you install?
You can use OTA update steps to update the latest version. please reference detail from L4T Documentation.
Documentation: Quick Start Guide -> Over-the-Air (OTA) update -> How to Install Debian Packages with OTA Update

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Hi @carolyuu. I want to install the jetpack 4.4 version. Thank you for the documentation link. I will refer them out. Any problem I will let you know.

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