JetPack stalls when trying to install VWs and CUDA packages on TX2, Elroy

I am new to Jetson, and am working with an elroy carrier board. I followed the steps to install the OS and BSP for the elroy carrier as instructed here:

I have successfully installed the OS using these instructions and the TX2 boots and loads Ubuntu like normal, no problems. Then, when I get to the point in the instructions on how to install the CUDA/VW packages, JetPack stalls. I left the USB plugged into both the host and the TX2, I have done an update and upgrade with apt, and I have reflashed with both r28.1.0 with JetPack 3.1 and r27.1.0 with JetPack 3.0. I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and have been able to SSH into the TX2 with no problems, so I know my IP and login credentials are sound.

Any suggestions? Are there repositories or a git of the packages?

Is this via wired ethernet, or via WiFi? WiFi does not work for package updates. FYI, USB is used only during flash and does not need to be connected during package update.

Another thing worth noting is that update from a VM tends to have issues.

Is your PC host the router, or is there an appliance router? Whichever is the router perhaps it does not have DNS to the required web addresses. You can use the “host” command on a Linux PC to see if DNS is working, e.g., “host” should convert the named address to the dotted-decimal format. After running JetPack you will find subdirectory “_installer/”, and within this “repository.json”. You can browse this file for some of the URLs being fetched during package installs and use the “host” command on the base address to see if your host can see the repo, e.g., “host”.

Thanks so much! This worked for me. I don’t know why NVidia won’t just offer repos for these packages.