JetPack TK1 installation issue


For some reasons I had to stop installation of JetPack TK1. I clicked “Cancel” at step 8.b. of the installation guide. ( Then I got an error says the installation was not successful. I’m wondering how can I go back to this step to continue installation? I’ve downloaded gigabytes of data and spent quite some time for the device flashing. I don’t want to redo all these again. Besides, all those downloaded files occupied the disk space (thus I don’t have enough space to install now.) If I can only redo everything again, can I simply delete the installation folder to free the space? Thank anyone for your kindly reply.


If you redo everything, it does detect that the files are already downloaded and won’t download them again.

  • If you cancelled installation and want to install again, you will need re-run the installer, select all components you want, then follow on-screen instructions.
  • At the download step, JetPack will firstly check if the binaries are already on your disk, if yes, it won’t download them again; if no, it will start downloading.
  • After all binaries are checked, before actual installation, you can delete the binaries you already installed, then click Next button to continue.
  • As you have already finished all the steps before step 8.b in your first installation, you can safely close the popup xterm windows before this step during re-installation. Then go on with steps from step 8.b.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Now I know what’s the best to do.