Jetpack Updates

General question. Seems like future updates to Jetpack could potentially be done without reflash? Will these come as some form of OTA (Over the Air) updates coming from Jetpack 5.1.3? This seems quite complex to setup if the process involves flashing partitions one at a time.

Or will these consist of some simpler
do dist-upgrade like it would be done with an Ubuntu distribution?

I wonder because I’m working with 5.1.3, but I would like to upgrade to Jetpack 6 in the future as it becomes available.

Hi felipemoreno1626,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?

It is called OTA update, and there’re 2 kinds of it.

  1. Debian-based OTA: you can use apt command to perform OTA update, but it is available for the devkit only
  2. Image-based OTA: you should generate the OTA package on the host and put it into the board and run the command to perform OTA update.

You can find more details in Over-the-Air Update

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