Jetpack4.5 and Isaac SDK 2012.2 .. setting Jetpack 4.5 in config section of app JSON file doesnt work

Jetpack4.5 and Isaac SDK 2012.2 … setting Jetpack 4.5 in config section of app JSON file doesnt work

At the isaac homepage at

it is confidently claimed that the sample apps for isaac 2012.2 will work with jetpack 4.5

yet when i set jetpack_version in to 5.0
i get
ERROR: Config value jetpack50 is not defined in any .rc file

here is a screenshot of the isaac homepage stating that alls it takes is a the addition of the configuration entry i added

i then started hacking around to see if i can get it to work by adding some matching config entries to bazelrc


that gets me past the initial error but then i get new errors
because the code ends up trying to load up things that dont exist because the SDK code is tightly tied to file system names and bazel switches further down the road

so instead i basically lied and
so basically just lie and say its going to jetpack44


./…/engine/engine/build/ --remote_user meta -p //apps/kaya:joystick-pkg -d jetpack44 -h


the next error i got was

external/com_nvidia_isaac_engine/engine/alice/components/Codelet.cpp@229: Component ‘_check_operating_system/isaac.alice.CheckOperatingSystem’ of type ‘isaac::alice::CheckOperatingSystem’ reported FAILURE

’/etc/nv_tegra_release’ does not start with ‘# R32 (release), REVISION: 4.4’. Please flash L4T using Jetpack 4.4.1.

1 ERROR external/com_nvidia_isaac_engine/engine/alice/backend/event_manager.cpp@43: Stopping node ‘_check_operating_system’ because it reached status ‘FAILURE’

but it kept running anyways

that led to an error that made the program crash

2021-04-28 19:46:06.178 ERROR packages/dynamixel/gems/dynamixel.cpp@51: Cannot open port /dev/ttyACM0: No such file or directory [errno 2]

/dev/ttyACM0 is not a device on my jetson nano with jetpack 4.5.1 ( maybe it used to be true in jetpack 4.4.1? )

anyways i ended up doing a search and replace of all references to ttyACM0 ttyUSB0


and i was able to control the robot with the keypad from the nsight site at localhost:3000

by the way when i run the jetson utilities on the jetson i get
[ JetPack UNKNOWN ]

NVIDIA Jetson Nano (Developer Kit Version)
L4T 32.5.1 [ JetPack UNKNOWN ]
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Kernel Version: 4.9.201-tegra
CUDA 10.2.89
CUDA Architecture: 5.3
OpenCV version: 4.1.1
OpenCV Cuda: NO
Vision Works:
VPI: ii libnvvpi1 1.0.15 arm64 NVIDIA Vision Programming Interface library

i got the jetson utilities by running
git clone GitHub - jetsonhacks/jetsonUtilities: Get information about the NVIDIA Jetson OS environment. Lists L4T and JetPack versions, along with major libraries.