Jetpack4.6 cannot reboot and poweroff

After I installed jetpack 4.6, I found that the soft reboot and shutdown failed, what is the reason?

You should tell more about your board but not just tell me such unclear symptom.

Is it a custom board or devkit?

custom board, But I use jetpack 4.4 and jetpack 4.5 is available for rebooting and shutdown

Any log to share when you fail to reboot?

If you put the same module on the NV devkit, will it be able to reboot and shutdown?

I put the same module on the NV devkit, it can be able to reboot and shutdown!

Our hardware engineers tested that the pin239 input poweroff voltage at jettpack 4.4 would be zeroed, whereas jetpack 4.6 would not

Hi, since it can not repro on devkit with two version software, it shows your custom design causes this. Have you compare your design to P3509 schematic? Did you follow the Xavier NX product design guide well? There is a checklist in the doc which should be checked one by one. Pin 239 is SYS_RESET# output from module during power on sequence. Since it is low, your custom board should have some design points to cause this. Have you checked the carrier power supplies to make sure all of them are ON after SYS_RESET# going high?

1.SYS_RESET this signal in jetpack4. 4 function is normal, the system can be normal control, high and low changes;
2.The same hardware environment, replaced by jetpack4. 5/4. 6, the function is not normal, no change; Please be clear! Thank you!

SYS_RESET is normal on devkit with both sw versions as you said. So your design should be some difference to reference. Please check based on that.

Where are the nodes about SYS_RESET#? Let’s take a look at whether sw is different!

You can compare the device tree to see if any difference.

But honestly, this issues sounds like your board design issue. Maybe it has something wrong from the beginning.

Only you reported this issue so far. Other custom board users did not.

I didn’t find the location of the SYS_RESET# node in the device tree, can you tell me where it is?

Then there is no software configuration for this pin.

Hi,I should re-describe the problem with you. I use jetpack 4.4 is able to use the board we developed soft shutdown, and the use of jetpack 4.6 is not good, if I have a problem with the base plate, then why can I soft shut down when using jetpack 4.4?

I totally understand your problem.

I can only say please go review your hardware design. If devkit can work fine but your board cannot, then it should be fixed from hardware first. Especially for such power related issue.

Something can work in past release does not 100% mean your hardware does not have problem.

Also, do you see any log coming out after you try to reboot and power off through the command?

jetpack4.4 debug output:

jetpack4.6 debug output:

Hi, have you checked and compared the power part design/other possible IO ports design to devkit? There must be some difference between them. That might cause the system not to assert reset.

Hi,after our hardware was reconfirmed, no problems were found

Do you mean it is same to devkit? If so, there should be no such issue.