Jetracer error - No I2c device at address 0x60

Just got the Waveshare jetbot racer. I can’t seem to work out the error behind this. I have reflashed` my card. Looked carfully to see if i have a wire misplaced and i can’t find

The similar topic said with the user ’ sshan97’ said they tried but didn’t get a solution

anything in the forms. I hope you can help :)
From what i can see at a glance it looks like the cable is misspluged. I tried to post how i have pluged the cables in following the exact same setup in the photoes to no sucesss.

I wanted to upload other pictures but i can’t seem to only one


Tried different things to get it to work. I am still not sure what the problem is. I wonder if it is the board as i get the Oled still functioning fine.

Thanks for the update, may be the connector not plug in well, not really sure.
But good to know it works.