Jetson 2.2 : Examples can't open data file?


I’ve installed Jetson 2.2 on my TX1 with the 64-bit user space configuration. When I try to run the VisionWorks demos, the programs can not open the data files. I know the data files can be opened because I can play them with a standard media player. For example:

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/VisionWorks-1.4-Samples/bin/aarch64/linux/release$  ./nvx_demo_hough_transform

VisionWorks library info:
	 VisionWorks version : 1.4.3
	 OpenVX Standard version : 1.0.1

Error: Can't open source URI /home/ubuntu/VisionWorks-1.4-Samples/bin/../data/signs.avi

Has anyone else been able to run the demos?


I reinstalled Jetpack 2.2 from scratch and now the examples work.

I experience the very same problem. Is there another solution than to reinstall from scratch? I don’t want to employ all modifications again, e.g. remove Unity. (nVidia, why Unity desktop? Why? This doesn’t make sense for a development board where one wants to be productive.)

Hi waterjet,

Have you checked the Installation Guide section in VisionWorks 1.4 Documentation from below link?
There should be some information for your reference.